Thought Machine doubles valuation to $2.7 billion


Thought Machine doubles valuation to $2.7 billion

UK core banking vendor Thought Machine has doubled its valuation to $2.7 billion on a $160 million funding round led by Singapore's Temasek with support from a clutch of top tier banks.


The stock market is crashing now creating a extraordinary environment to multiply your money. Investment opportunities are presenting themselves that have the potential to double your money.

Here are stocks and their breakdowns and how I see they have the ability to double you money and maybe even 10 times my investment.

Carinval Cruise Lines – 1:46 Double your money even 6X your investment with the cruise line industry. Cruise ships have been taking a huge smash due to the stock market crash of 2020. With a solid business model and up trending outlook they are primed to provided huge returns.

The Boeing Company – 6:07 Global powerhouse in the aircraft manufacturing business is down about 80% this year. With strong government ties there is an opportunity to double or triple your money.

Dave and Busters – 8:44 Family fun gaming center has taken a huge dive during the stock market crash 2020 hitting all time lows. If they can recover and weather this economic turmoil huge returns are to be make easily doubling your money.

Delta Airlines – 11:06 One of Americas largest airlines carrier is also feeling the crunch due to travel bans. People will still need to fly when everything gets back to normal. Current prices are down creating a money doubling opportunity when things return to normal.

Chevron – 13:06 135 year old Oil company has been going strong for over a century. Crude oil war has been taking its toll. But solid dividends and time tested business model makes this stock the safest pick to double your money during the stock market crash of 2020 on this list.

Tesla – 15:12 Leading the electric vehicle revolution Tesla was had already more than doubled it’s worth throughout the past few months. The current stock market crash has brought the stock price down a bit. Placing it a prime spot to take advantage of before it shoots back up again.

How to more than double your money – 18:00 We may not be at the bottom of the stock market crash. History has shown that the stock market always bounces back stronger.

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This SPAC Merger Company Has A 50% Upside Over The Next Year

OpenDoor is revolutionizing the way homes are bought and sold converting them to an online digital experience. See the remarkable growth trajectory that they are on. What will it take to continue. Where is a good price point to buy?

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Lockheed Martin (LMT) Stock – FREE CASHFLOW MACHINE!!? (BUY??)

Let’s find out in this video whether LMT is a worthy Value Investment addition to your stock portfolio, OR whether this stock should be left for pension/mutual funds. Stick around until the end of the video for some technical analysis and to see if there are any suitable options/equity trades setting up.

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Is Deere at a Cyclical Top?! – $DE

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