Startups selected for inaugural climate incubator


Startups selected for inaugural climate incubator

Eight climate-focused startups have been selected to participate in what is claimed to be the world's first climate-focused fintech incubator in the Nordics and Baltics.

Session 7: Incubators and Accelerators: Where many of the new globally sustainable…

This session will turn these challenges into opportunities by providing incubators as a key partner in the work to expand the climate innovation agenda.

The Startup Tank Investor Pitch Show – NeoCarbon: Carbon capture that’s 10x cheaper than Climeworks

Are you a startup looking for funding or an investor looking for interesting companies to invest in? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to The Startup Tank Climate Investor Pitch Show presented by 4WARD.VC, the startup pitch contest where founders building companies that move the world forward get to pitch their project to a panel of prospect impact and climate focused investors, 4WARD.VC’s accredited investor syndicate and startups and VCs tuning in from across the globe!
If you’ve ever wanted a chance to pitch your company or get in front of VCs and angel investors, now is your time to shine.

YOU MUST APPLY HERE to attend – that includes both startups and investors:

NeoCarbon: Carbon recapture technology that’s 10x cheaper than

Investor Panelists:
Gabriel Jarrosson from Leonis Investissement
Martin Jankoski from CNB

About 4WARD.VC’s Climate Syndicate:

4WARD.VC angel group invests in mission-driven pre seed and seed stage climate startups moving the world forward.

For more information on 4WARD.VC and our angel syndicate, please visit: https://4WARD.VC

BONUS: Free 500+ Climate VC & Accelerator Database

4WARD.VC made a searchable index of 500 climate, sustainability and impact investors, LPs, incubators, accelerator programs and angel investor groups worldwide.

Filter climate tech VCs by stage, sector, geography & check size to find your ideal investor and/or co investors!

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About The Startup Tank (

YCombinator popularized startup demo days. Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den revolutionized the investor pitch. The Startup Tank (brought to you by 4WARD.VC), is the best of both, bringing top sustainability, cleantech and impact startup founders to pitch climate VCs looking to fund world-changing companies

If you’re combating climate change by building the next sustainable development (SDG) superstar or circular economy unicorn and looking to fundraise from top tier VCs and angel investors, you’ve come to the right place

Founders apply:
Investors apply: http://4WARD.VC

About the host:

In addition to being the Partner and Syndicate Lead of 4WARD.VC’s early stage climate syndicate, Matt Ward is a serial entrepreneur with multiple modest exits, the host of The Startup Tank Climate Investor Pitch Show and a strategic advisor to high-growth, world-changing companies.

To learn more about what Matt, his investment process, how he helps companies 10x results and what past clients have to say about working together, visit

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Startup Incubator Aims to Spawn Companies to Fight Climate Change

The world will need new breakthroughs to tackle the growing threat of climate change. Whoever comes up with them stands to make a lot of money. And the places where those entrepreneurs do business will reap the benefits. Greentown Labs outside Boston, Massachusetts, wants to play a major role in spawning new clean technology. VOA’s Steve Baragona went to have a look.
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